adult class


Come learn Basic to Advanced tumbling/gymnastics at our 2 hour seminars scheduled on one Friday every month! Check this page regularly for updated class dates.

These seminars are for those 15 years or older, who have always wanted to learn some gymnastics or just how to flip! It is ideal for those who were past gymnasts and want to get back into shape, regain their skills and experience that thrill again! This class can also be custom fitted for the Marital Artist who is trying to add some flare and flips into their kata or for open competition!

We have every age and level show up for this class, although you must be free from any physical injuries or conditions that would restrict you from high impact, high heart rate and high torc on the body. We teach by progression only, and will not teach anyone a skill we do not think they are mentally or physically ready for. Full release forms need to be completed before attending.

Come enjoy this positive and encouraging class and get a great work out while having a great time! Due to the high demand, space is limited, so call and reserve your spot 1 week prior to class.

Students should wear movable clothing;

T-shirts tucked in, no jewelry, hair tied back and socks are optional.


Flipping Foggies.....

All Participants must fill out the release form before attending any classes at SRGC. Click below for Printable Version.

Membership form PDF